By default in Laravel 5, Html and Form are not embedded anymore, And we’re going to add them back. illuminate/html 01 – 1. Option one.   In require section within composer.json add this line:

So you require section will be something like this:

then run composer update from your terminal. 01 – 2. Option two.…

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No doubt that login to phpmyadmin every 1440 seconds is a pretty annoying thing, And it’s pretty easy to avoid. – First step open phpmyadmin > More settings > Features > Login cookie validity [Default : 1440] Now you can change that value with how long you need it to be in seconds. Here is a small…

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Well, Claquette #2. – I came today with another special life event (Trip to Alex #2). – Yesterday i was at Alexandria with my fiance (Deraa ♥), friends and our families. We went to few places, [“carrefour”, “Stanly Bridge”, “etc”], We arrived at first in carrefour mall, Deraa went to take her first tour with her…

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Engagement day   The first time we ever met was on November 21, 2012. And i have to admit that i have fallen in love with her immediately ♥. We lived our story, We had our problems just like any two lovers, and we have passed all of them in peace (El7mdulellah) 😀 :P.   And here we go, Today is our…

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Hello my friends, i wanna share this event with you. I went to Alex yesterday with my friends, it was a beautiful day, the end of it was the best part for me xD (In the bus ;)), we went to the beach at 12:00 AM, it was really cold out there, but we didn’t…

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