Well, Claquette #2.

– I came today with another special life event (Trip to Alex #2).

– Yesterday i was at Alexandria with my fiance (Deraa ♥), friends and our families. We went to few places, [“carrefour”, “Stanly Bridge”, “etc”], We arrived at first in carrefour mall, Deraa went to take her first tour with her friends, when i stayed with her sister (Abo …. :P), mom, aunt, and others, we’ve eat, drank Pepsi :D, and had some fun.

– We meetup with Deraa and her friends again, then we went to Montaza, Alexandria, we started to play some light games like (blowing up the balloons) , yeah, we went crazy out there :D, we’ve taken some photos, i went to pray, we had lunch, then we went to “Stanly Bridge”.

– Some troubles came up with some of our friends who needed to back home earlier than our first plan, We talked with them and convinced them to stay, we stayed at Stanly Brigde for more couple hours.

– Finally we back home in peace.

Trip to Alex #1.